Millions Of Lights

Des Bijoux Objet d’Art Le Collage

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梟 Fukurou

梟 Fukurou Owl
2015 Wood Carving, Lacquer
OM Painting On Wood
2015 Acryl

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I Love Red Wine !

And that`s why when you visit Germany and beautiful Bavaria you need definitely stay in Wellnesshotel Panorama Oberjoch. Despite friendly atmosphere and delicious cousine this hotel has one of the best collections of red wine from Germany, Austria, Italia, Spain, Chili and other major countries-producers of the best wines. I say always- wine is art, it is life`s style, it is sensual, and in the minute you taste the best quality red, you life changes, you change. I just cannot describe the feelings how much affection red wine brings. Anyway I say greeting from Allgäu, wonderful place to be und see, and luxurious ambiente of Hotel Panorama Oberjoch. I wish everyone the best of beautiful moments and happy memoies !

Love Regards, Mila